Friday, July 31, 2009

Meal of the day

Every night is a struggle for me and my brother because by the time the clock ticks at exactly 7pm, our stomach would then be rumbling in hunger—a sign that the current conversation would turn into an argument. He would suggest the same diner again and again contradicting my philosophy of routinely changing place.

The first choice would be the ever popular McDonalds, which most likely would be rejected by me. I can’t have the same kind food (chicken) every meal of every day! But my beloved brother would insist, compromising my choice. Second would be the unlimited rice of Boodels Grill and Restaurant and Sugbanoks. Dining there was fine. But repeating the experience every week is not healthy especially if the primary menu offers grilled meat which can cause cancer. And since there aren’t a lot of food house that is affordable to our budget, the result would be a long hour of nonsense discussion.

Finally, after what seemed to be an hour or so, we would end up agreeing to buy a canned good. What a perfect choice to my perfectly planned diet. Urgh.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love you, goodbye

Once again I’ve been duped by my very own self. The judgment day has come and yes, I was hurt so badly by being the last one to know. I cried a dozen rivers last night and by now, my boss would think some unholy insect stung my eyes. I thought that this day would come in the middle month of 2010. I was caught off guard and can’t think of anything to do but shed buckets of tears. Yes, the same thing happened again.

“Prolonging the agony”

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I came across a lot of blogs (especially the and I realized how mediocre my writing skills are compared to them. And before I forget, don’t expect a lot of comments here (I get teary every time I remember this). Oh well…

It’s frustrating that it was just me reading all this stuffs here. And the way other bloggers write their stories, it feels like they are just there, telling me what happened a while ago. But my blog is a far cry to theirs. It looks funny and so unintelligent.

The day passes with me posting blogs with zero visitors and I hate it. I wish some miracle will happen…

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PLDT InnoLab

July 20, 2009 was an uncertain day for me. Prior to that day, I received a text message saying that there will be no class since the virus A(h1n1) is fast spreading. Allegedly, it was reported that there are 7 positive cases of the said virus in the Ateneo de Davao University alone. The aura was ghostly as I helped myself on the long staircase going to my home—6th floor.

The lecture time was extended for the many weeks we didn’t meet (holiday, strike, etc). By around 11:30 am, we hungrily put our things away and started to mumble something about food.

Assembly place was at the Roxas Gate at exactly 1:00 in the afternoon. And the journey to the PLDT Innolab began from that point. I was so excited then.

The laboratory was carpeted full of stations, a mini house with different portions. In the first hour of our stay there, we let ourselves be indulged into their different facilities. The whole place was swarming with flashes from different cameras as the class was a bit dazed by the environment of the laboratory.

The representative then came from PLDT “touring” us into their applications and software which they are currently promoting. A lot of services are in store for us to choose from. Some of these services are Shop Work UnPlugged (SWUP), PLDT Sweetspots, Smart Bro Enterprise Edition, Field Asset for Tracking (FASTrack), and PLDT VOX among others.

The good thing was that the Computer Studies students can use the PLDT testing lab for their thesis for free! But of course, a scheduled day must be made for them to be accommodated.

The fun part there was the video conferencing we had on their conference room. We get the chance to have a piece of taste on their service which we did enjoy a lot. The room was like in a corporate building with a long table with swivel chairs on them. There was a huge projector screen for us to see ourselves as well as to the man we have the chance to chat with from PLDT Cebu. We were so amazed because the communication we had was real time. A few more things were said as we continue to our tour afterwards. One of the things they did show us was the footage from Makati Company.

Video Conference Room

We made our way to school to face other commitments such as Theology immersion orientation, Palarong Atenista, CSSEC and Red Cross Meetings. The tour ended with food chips on our fingertips and a smile on our faces. And I must say, we did have a fun, amazing, and productive day.

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