Friday, July 17, 2009

Bomb Scares Mindaoans

Certain bombings in Datu Piang, Cotabato, Jolo, and Iligan have caused anxiousness in the affected communities as well as to those people who have relatives in the said area. In the blink of an eye, news about the bombings and the terrorists’ next target was all the Filipinos could talk. Yet, I haven’t had that care or the anxiousness my kababayan’s are experiencing.

And then one day, I began to worry a bit because a lot of establishment here in Davao are becoming strict with regards to the inflowing customers. But then again, they are just being paranoid. Besides, the local government of Davao has a strong defense methodology, I thought.

Just last Wednesday, I heard from a friend that a bomb was spotted near the NCCC Mall. The fear of becoming one of the victims was circling in my mind. I became troubled.

Every day was turning into a worse day. A new bomb was found in a parking lot of another mall—Gaisano last Thursday. And as this news came out, San Pedro College administration became frantic as well.

A queue was formed in the front gate of SPC just yesterday. The following pictures was taken by one of the student of the college early morning class.

San Pedro College students lining up to get their things check

With all the bombs scaring all the Mindanaoans., I just hope that our government are doing their jobs because really, it's scaring me to death.:(


  1. That's interesting. I've never been to Davao. Just the Manila, Antipolo and Porac/Pampanga areas.

    I didn't realize there were so many bombing attempts in the southern Philippines.

    Hey, I've got a question for you though. Why is there an Adult Content warning when coming to this blog? That's meant to be for pornographic sites.

  2. i don't really know. i'm trying to get rid of it though.


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