Saturday, July 18, 2009

Facing the Shadows of Death and My Past (The 3 Jun’s in My Life)

I’m 19, turning 20 this coming September and yet, I still don’t know where will be the next joyride of my life will take me. I was dumfounded how thoughtless I was over the years in taking care of myself and others. Oh well, I guess I just have to live with my decisions.
Another day passed and I can’t find any memorable thing which could put on Jenny’s world book of records.

The night was uneventful, aside from the downpour of water, nothing else was new. From dusk till dawn, all I could ever think was when I could find my future husband. Hahaha! It was such a waste of time thinking and looking for him, really.

Seriously talking, I was caught off guard by how people in my surroundings are being abducted by death from their own bodies. One case of it was to the man I considered a friend (Aljun). After the ear-splitting news I received of his father’s death, memories came rushing wildly. Not a hint was given to his family that he was about to face death in the most animalistic way one could ever think. A bullet ripped his eye that came through his brain; one in the back of his torso passing through his heart; and one on his knee, probably to keep him from running. What a painful way to die, not just on the person involved but to his family as well.

I was still on my own thoughts about Tito Jun’s death when I remembered how Jun2 (a friend from high school) ceased to breathe. Riding on his friend’s motorcycle, a fast moving truck hit them—leaving him dead. I felt sick because I didn’t have the chance to say how much he means to me. I even scolded him about his drinking habit the last time we saw each other.

All I could do now was to regret all the things I did to them, not even having the time to say thank you to Tito Jun, not grabbing the chance to say and show I care to Jun2, and not giving the hope to be Aljun’s friend again.

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