Friday, July 31, 2009

Meal of the day

Every night is a struggle for me and my brother because by the time the clock ticks at exactly 7pm, our stomach would then be rumbling in hunger—a sign that the current conversation would turn into an argument. He would suggest the same diner again and again contradicting my philosophy of routinely changing place.

The first choice would be the ever popular McDonalds, which most likely would be rejected by me. I can’t have the same kind food (chicken) every meal of every day! But my beloved brother would insist, compromising my choice. Second would be the unlimited rice of Boodels Grill and Restaurant and Sugbanoks. Dining there was fine. But repeating the experience every week is not healthy especially if the primary menu offers grilled meat which can cause cancer. And since there aren’t a lot of food house that is affordable to our budget, the result would be a long hour of nonsense discussion.

Finally, after what seemed to be an hour or so, we would end up agreeing to buy a canned good. What a perfect choice to my perfectly planned diet. Urgh.

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