Saturday, August 1, 2009

So darn lucky

Having friends such as the people I have right now makes me say that I am indeed a lucky and super blessed person. Four years had gone by and I never thought that I will have them. And for the past years, they had been encouraging me at my lowest times.

I was a lonely, awful and aloof kid.Everyone can be a proof to my weirdness. But I don’t take it negatively because I know I have Yang2, Kring, Kim, and Kai2 who accept my oddity. They have been my companion in the past 3 years. We have bonding moments such as taking pictures every semester be it on the comfort room or somewhere in the corner, with sweat filling our body just to have a group picture, is so awarding.

Another is the time we spent having an all girls sleep over. Being able to see them in school is so different on the time you see them actually sleeping with their legs all over your body. My, but we were all amazed when one of us has this habit of snoring while she sleeps! It made me shake with laughter just remembering it.

Besides it, we used to have dinners and lunch out. But now that we wanted to reach out to our other classmates, it was decided that the class should have a regular lunch out to catch each other’s busy pace. True to its purpose, it elevated the closeness of the class resulting to a blissful surrounding.

And there’s my Z3 family. Though we were in different courses and schools right now, we still try to have some chit chats over instant messengers and social sites.

So you see? I told you I’m lucky beyond words.

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