Sunday, August 23, 2009

Debit Syndrome

My head is so wacked up. I can’t think of anything but debts and debts and debts. It feels like the last song syndrome. Hmmm, maybe it’s called the last word syndrome?lol.:p

Seriously though, I had a tiring job. Imagine? I get to work on the Kadayawan day celebration? Pfff :( But I get to lessen my working hours for my OJT. Yipee!

By the way, I am so excited this coming Wednesday since fourth year students in our school will be having our glamour shots. I wonder what my other classmate glam shots would be. I know for sure that they are going to wear funny dresses. I hope:D

I was having trouble thinking what would be my glam shot but Kring and Vanyssa tipped me about a theme which sounds so nice. I guess I’m going to be like D---. Phew. I hope my friends have something in mind too.:D

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