Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Pay Tribute to My Mom

(A repost from my multiply account)

I pay tribute to my mom even though she constantly gets mad at me, though sometimes, she yells at me so loud that a lot of our neighbors could heed what she says, or when she forbids me with my nighttime gimmicks, or eve when she cuts off my mobile phone load allowances because i committed some mistakes

But even so, I salute her.

Not because she bought my dream bicycle then, or because she helps me with my research works; not also because she sent me to a good school, nor because she lets me play with her make-up

I salute her for the reason that she was able to raise the five of us, for she had been a great woman who provided us with everything we need, for she remembered the we don't have for our lunch when she herself was bleeding and deeply wounded, for she bravely fought death though it subdued her. I salute her simply because she had been a friend, a listener, an adviser, a teacher and at the same time a mother.

I know words are not enough to describe who she is as a person. And I thank God because through her, He let me see how I should be a mother someday, although not that perfect, but almost...

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