Monday, August 3, 2009

News addict

For almost a year now, I have this habit of constantly spying the site of Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN and the ABS-CBN News Online. Some of my classmates even wonder why I go home early.

But these past days, things made me a bit sad because a lot of activities are demanding my time and my strength resulting to a tiring day EVERYDAY.

Since fourth year Bachelor of Science in Information Management students are required to have their on-the-job training on IT related companies, students are bombarded with this new and strenuous responsibility. It is necessary that each student must complete 150 working hours on their chosen company for this semester ONLY. Some students are experiencing difficulty since they are also busy with different organizations at school especially that the College fiesta is fast approaching. As a result, I can’t watch news on TV without drooling.

As of the moment, I have two new organizations and with the fiesta, OJT, and the different meetings of these two orgs, I have a hard time balancing everything. Just think of this: 5 social sites (of which four sites I constantly check), 4 email accounts, 2 blog sites, 3 blog traffic scheme accounts, and 3 other accounts that keeps me super busy (with my 7 schools subjects).

But the more I think about it, the more I have free time compared to my other friends who are the officers of the college student council or of division executive committee. As for me, I help a little in my division especially on the cheering part.

The busyness of my schedule cuts off my other habits before such as reading novels, reading articles intensively on the internet, and going out. Now I can only avail the information those sites I mentioned earlier by watching the television while making my blogs. Multitasking eh?

And I really miss my HP books. T_T

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