Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The not so classy Ateneans

Once again, the Ateneo de Davao University is in the season of choosing the best division for the school year 2009-2010—the College Fiesta. And as I remember, we students are always being reminded to exhibit ‘magis’ which, I personally believe had gone too far.

Even before the fiesta proper, issues were recorded quietly so as not to aggravate the already tainted reputation of some officials at school. Let me tell you what’s happening…

It has long been decided that each division are deeply encouraged to be part of school’s mini tournament such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton among others. To show fairness and equality, divisions were asked to have 5 fourth years, 5 third years, 3 second years and 3 first year participants in each game. But I guess, some just wanted to be on top of everyone to the extent of permitting more students than the initial rules will allow.

The game started fine until the Business and Management complained how the Engineering and Architecture cheated the whole school into a belief that they are fulfilling the oath they took. And with this new knowledge the dean of  B&M immediately took a visit to the not so popular official demanding an answer as to why the whole cheating was not detected earlier. I guess that official was sweating his pants off because really, that whole issue of cheating thing will not be possible if not for his approval.

The issue was ‘resolved’ when he tried to talk to all the division representatives asking if they will allow a rematch on the volleyball (men/women) game category. And since the complainant division was beaten down on their first game, the whole volleyball game was invalidated. To cut the story short, B&M won and the painful and tiring game was again played. It turned out to be chaotic as the game must be finished in just a day.

One player felt very disappointed with the outcome because they’re on the stage of becoming the second best but the sudden rematch put them on the losing end. And I quote: “In my opinion, dapat hindi na nilaro yung rematch. Dapat disqualified na ang Engineering. What they did will become a precedent for the next intrams. Mali ata na tayo [ang] mag suffer for their cheating. Not just because natalo tayo but because they expect everybody to adjust for them…If sila ang mag champion, they do not deserve it."

“In my opinion, they shouldn't have played the rematch. They should have disqualified the Engineering [and architecture division]. What they did will become a precedent for the next intramurals. I think it’s wrong that we should suffer for their cheating. Not just because we lost but because they expect everybody to adjust for them…If they will become the champions, they do not deserve it."

To me, the whole fiesta game was such a waste of time if those who are in power are just concerned with their reputation than the values of honesty. First of all, the filtering of participants is his job. Second, why not asked for the players’ opinions so as to come up with the best solution that would fit not just the complainant’s motives but the whole student body? And third, he must not act as if he knows what fairness is all about when he doesn’t even know the true meaning of it. With his lousy governance, the whole effort of the players was put in vain, including the times they had to skip classes just to play which turned out to be a phony tournament after all.


  1. waaaaaaaaaa.. are you talking about our OSA director?? grabeh nag blog diay ka ani??


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