Saturday, August 22, 2009


As we had our profiling on the first day of our Pagtataya, we were able to interview some residents of the GK Medsa in Tibungco. They had almost the same claims: lack of electricity and clean water.

People in that area were really troubled by the lack of electricity since this causes a lot of chaos to them. They also enumerated some bad happenings they had experienced due to the lack of electric power. One of this is the rampant gang wars in which the residents were very much affected. They narrated to us that at some point in the wars which involves the youth, they were able to pester the residents with their loud ramblings accompanied with the breaking of empty beer bottles.

Due to the lack of electricity, people in the said area have reported some crimes such as the attempted rape on one of the residents. Robbery is also an issue since the darkness really encapsulates the residents more or less at around 7 in the evening.

Rugby boys are also rampant in the area since the lack of electric current supports their habit of inhaling their illegal vice. One resident voiced out that they have to sleep early because by the time the sun sets, they have no way of seeing things clearly, especially a lot of crimes can happen. A concerned mother also said that she have to see her son suffer in reading his assignments in the small gas lamp. Youths don’t want to spend much time on their houses since they can’t watch their favorite shows on TV.

The inexistence of clean water to drink was one of their cries. The residents showed us their own reservoirs of water from the rain. They use this saved water to wash dishes and clean their clothes. But of course, they can’t drink it since this will cause them stomach aches. As a result, they have to buy water from a nearby place which is a slash to their little earnings.

They tried to pass their woes to their local government but their years of waiting seem futile. The government will just say that the unfinished houses will just be a trouble if they will install electric posts.

I wish something miraculous will happen to that place.

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