Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sayawtenista 2009

Seven in the evening: The whole crowd cheered for their own division as the hosts announced the contestants for the Sayawtenista 2009. Sayawtenista is believed to be the highlight of the entire fiesta since it showcases the talents of all the division representatives with their division teachers as well. Also, this event handles the announcing of all the winners from volleyball to dance competitions. Giving of awards to the students who surpassed the academics and non academics challenges are also acknowledge.

Eight in the evening: Droplets of sweat hit my face as I cheered for the EA division (CS did not participate) contestants for the Sayawtenista competition.

Nine in the evening: Gawad awaredees moved their way as each of them received an award for their outstanding performance in the academics and non academics area. I really thought that Kring would get the most outstanding junior but I guess, the title isn’t just for her. Instead, Pael got the award and well, he deserves it.

Ten fifteen in the evening: My jaw dropped as I listen to the winners of the cheer dance competition. The EA division also got struck as the reality of losing sunk into their minds. Most of the crowd really thought they are going to get the title. But instead, the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) and the College of Nursing (CoN) hit the champion. The crowd jeered boo’s and signs to the hosts (with Father Samson and Sir Ricardo) of the event as the Humanities and Computer Studies (CS) students also shouted their disbelief.

Ten twenty three: EA students tried to walk their way out but the Office of the Students Affair (OSA) director blocked their way. I wanted to go out too but, dili ko gusto makapiso.

I believed that EA has the best performance in the cheer dance competition this year. I really wonder why they didn’t win.


  1. EA should have won! i really wonder what happened.. anong kalokohan ito??...!!!

  2. the student director said that the judges will break their hearts if walang tie, para saan pa na nag judge sila na tatlo pa naman sana kung ganun lang man din..

    even the winners from CoN and BSA thought EA's going to hit the trophy..

    everybody is protesting.i hate this fiesta


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