Monday, August 31, 2009

Strangest Animals I've Ever Seen

The night is sooo cold and I was hook up in YouTube’s videos about models falling off while on the ramp stage. A little while, I decided to watch the Japanese anime of Marmalade Boy. After the first episode, it came to me, “Why not look for the strangest animal in the internet?” It seems a good idea. So now, I’m sharing some pictures about the top 3 (for me) strangest animals ever.

These pictures are just snippets of the lists of the weirdest animals on Earth. Click here for more.:)


  1. You can see that monkey in 2nd picture alot in Sabah,Malaysia, along river side like Klias river and RasaRia Park.

  2. i guess it seemed different to us since it's so unusual for a monkey to look like that. oh well, thanks for commenting:)

  3. try wiki-ing (wikipedia-ing) montauk monster, now THAT was one strange creature. some say that it was an alien washed up in the montauk district, but in my opinion it was a mutated creature. experimented by some cruel pips :/

    the dog's kinda on steroids haha. reminds me of batista.

    - Ogs


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