Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where to go in Davao, Philippines?

Want to go in Davao but you don’t know where to go? Worry not for here are some of the places where you can spend the week off. So take off your Davao maps and explore the wonderful places I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

One tourist destination hotel is the Marco Polo Hotel Davao (Claro M. Recto St.) will make you most welcome. With its elegant ambience, you can even spend the entire week just exploring its facilities.

But do you want to spend the night off in affordable suites with amazing stuffs inside? Why not check the Ponce Suites Davao. Near Dona Vicenta, J.P. Laurel St. lays the secret of the unconventional center.

Crocodile Park best fits you if you are looking for the biggest crocodiles here in Maa, Davao. Different animals are also there such as variety of birds, horses, etc. A ride to the Diversion Highway won’t hurt a bit just to see Davao animals have.

If you wanted to go mountaineering with the sight of Davao’s elegance at night, you are most welcome at the Jack’s Ridge Restaurant, Shrine Hills, Matina. Feel the cool breeze and the smell of the mountains in a ride.

In a busy world, Eden Nature Park and Hotel (MacArthur Highway, Matina) will help you soothe your tired body.

But if you want to have a Boracay-like experience, Pearl Farm Beach-Resort is the place for you. Online reservations are made for the customers convenience.

Visit and explore Davao, the heaven in the midst of shabby country.

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