Saturday, August 15, 2009

The whole security force sucks

Four in the afternoon was the call time for all the division participants to gather on their respective areas as each division distributes their tickets for the Ateneo Cheer Dance and Latin Dance Competition. I just realised now how my voice got “husky” as I tried to call on the names of the students who purchased the tickets. Gosh. I felt so tired. I am not part of the division club but since I got my ticket from the Secretary General herself, I am confident to helped Eaque in giving it away. But I was wrong.

When the Ateneo Students’ Security Force (ASSF) checked our tickets, I tried to reason it out that Jan Paul, Yang2 and mine came from the SAMAHAN and Kring (the secretary general) already declared that Computer Studies (CS) division will be having more than the 150 allotted tickets. The green shirt guy shot me back and said that they did not receive any memorandum about it. So instead of falling in line with our division mates, he asked us to go and find our way at the end of the line until the last division can enter. I got tired and wanted to punch him in the face so I just held my mouth and let Yang2 and Lloyd talk him out. After a few more moments of arguing, he relayed the issue and got the approval from the head of the ASSF. Such a waste of energy and saliva I must say.

Carrying our purple balloons, I excitedly put my ID on and marched the old paved road going to the covered court. Just as Vanyssa was to enter the covered court, one ASF shouted “Stop lang sa!” We thought they were just trying to distribute the students fairly on the bleachers since they allowed the Engineering and Architecture (EA) to pass us first. But my anxiousness grew as the whole EA division entered the court with no difficulty at all! So I contacted Kring who immediately responded. While waiting, Yang2 and Kim was shouting and asking the ASSF why did we stop and why on the hell the Social Sciences and Education (SSE) overtook us after the EA division. I wanted to shout and give them the nicest kick for their blunder. They said that the allotted seats for the CS students were all occupied. And they, by the way, are liars…


At the end of the event, I get to chat with Lorielaine and she told me that ASSF didn’t even know where to put them while trying to climb the stairs. The whole space above the bleachers was not occupied contrary to their claims.I saw how unprepared they were. And from 1 to 10 scale of approval, I can generously give them 1.

I hope that Sayawtenista later this evening will be different. God bless Ateneo.

*New input: There were a lot of complementary tickets that were given away which caused the sudden flood of students the other night. Who is to be blamed?


  1. waaaaaaaaaaa! the one who gave out around 300 complimentary tickets should be blamed!! why should the students suffer the consequence of his action?? the students who paid their tuition fees and paid for their tickets to watch the cheerdance competition should have the most right to enter and watch the said event.. i find this guy only good at putting the blame on others of the consequences of his actions! ...:p

  2. i get the chance to talk with one of the ASSF members and i knew right then and there na meron ng kaguluhan on the part of the system na nag officiate ng event. from his stories, they were only taking orders that's why they can't easily resolve the problem out of fear.

    where is the atenews' edition of fiesta issues 2009??


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