Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines in the Past Few Days

Saturday night at around 9 in the evening, I was in shocked as I watched the Greater Manila being drowned in massive water from the Typhoon Ondoy. Water floods almost swallowed the houses; muddy roads covered the streets; cars are like toys dragged and park in the highways in the city; and a lot of people lost their loved ones and their homes. No words can express the grief that surrounds the country.

Friday, September 25, 2009


If I were given at least 3 wishes, I know what are my wishes would be.

First: World Peace. Do I look like a Miss Universe candidate? ‘Course not. I have a very short pair of legs. Me? Nah. I was thinking that if there will be peace in this world, everything else will follow. No shouting over unnecessary things, no crimes that will eventually kill people, no war in Iraq, just serenity. *Tears pouring.

Second: Food for all. I chose this wish not just because I like to eat—A LOT. In the Philippines alone, poverty seems to be increasing in every minute of every day. People are dying and charity works alone can’t help them survive.

And third: For the people to see GOD.

Another School Stuff

I was making my project in GNS3 when the computer symbol will not make it to the Emulated Devices. It will fall under the Decorative mode which I find highly frustrating. So the other night was filled with the clicking of my mouse. The painful thing here is that I woke up the next day with a hurt arm. :(


So much as been written over celebrities and I still understand why people are so into them. I do have a lot of favorite stars in Hollywood but I don’t really have that much time to dig up their lives. I’m not just a total fan I guess.

This whole celebrity thing started when my friends and I went yesterday for a snack in a food chain. They started telling each other how soap operas are very much exciting and they are so in love with the characters from different shows. I was like—huh? And when they started to tell gossips about what this and that star did, I can’t say anything except: what’s that all about? I’m such as loser.

I know some bits of information but I can’t really tell if it is like yesterday of the other year ago. I do watch news but when the portions of local stars (even the Hollywood ones) are being aired, I can feel my eyelids are becoming heavy. I just don’t have the enthusiasm over their lives. Most of the time, I’m super late in terms of what’s happening on him or her.

Boring life? You bet.:P

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Educational Tour ...?

Aerial view of Holcim Davao

We had our plant tour a few hours ago at Holcim Davao. The company bombarded us with power point presentation and all we could do was sit and try to listen as though we were that interested.

The bus was very disappointing. I was so afraid that some insects would crawl near me, I swear I would shout!

A Fun Chapter

My on-the-job training in FlexNet is going well. Not that I really like sitting for about 4 hours doing nothing that would make me want to shout in frustration, it’s just that I have completed the required hours for the course. Oh, yes! The minimum required hours for our OJT is 150. But since my other classmates who where on that same company wasn’t done yet, I decided to be with them till they have completed their required hours.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music in My Life

In our generation today, different kinds of music have been introduced—from Rock, Pop, R&B and Alternative Rock. I see different variations, odd composers and more odd singers. And the teens are very much in love with them. I am too.

I used to like mellow songs, I still like some of them, but as time goes by, I become more open to Pop and R&B and other genre. I try to act as if I’m the singer, and make some outrageous actions; trying to copy the music video. It was totally don’t-barge-into-my-room time.

My aunt would ask me, “Have you ever grown old with that kind of music? I can’t understand anything about it at all.” She sees it as something that knocks her eardrums off. Growing with teenage nieces and nephews isn’t that fun for her, I guess.

And then suddenly, I miss her...


I was once asked by my friend Kring to write something about why people expect so much. And I kinda compromised. In our past subjects, which I passed thank you very much, I learned that the limitedness of oneself is the reason why we expect too much.

We exist because we have the power/energy of the esse. And by the time we figure things out that we are limited in what we do, in what we can do, in what we will ever do, we are already consumed with so much thoughts saying we must dig up to satisfy our needs and wants.

Like in love, one can never say that “All I want is to love, and I never wanted her/him to love in return.” The reason why people fall in love is because we are expecting something in return; be it kindness or love to counterpart ours.

We are not like God, we can never love unconditionally. Because we are only human, not perfect, not capable of loving without expecting. But how can you explain the love of a mother to her kids? You might ask. Why do you think our mother would end up crying if she didn’t long for the day that her love would bear some fruitful efforts of you loving her? Sounds complicated. It is. And only our God, your God, can fill that gap of abysmal feeling you have right now.

Just an opinion.

Frustrated Dancer


I want to be one. It’s just that I never had the talent to do so. Well, I did ethnic dancing during my high school life but despite that little humiliation I got, I still want to be a pop dancer. Hahaha!

I find myself laughing as that thought would cross my mind. It sounds so odd and so out of the blue. Every time I hear pop songs being played on my playlist, I would be in euphoria of illusion, trying so hard to make odd steps. It was a far cry from the dance troupe our school have. And little by little, I begun to think I was crazy.

So far, I was never caught while making those hilarious wiggling. Did you ever have that same frustration? :P

Trivias, Anyone?

Did you know that…
Sharks are immune to all known diseases?

Australian red Kangaroo can jump up to 27 feet in one bound?

A Pacific salmon secrets poison through their pituitary glands to kill themselves in a certain age?

Polar Bears are left-handed?

An ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain?

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 20 in tongue?

Upset hippos will produce red sweats?

A rat can last longer than a camel without water?

The heart of a blue whale is the same size as that of a small car?

Ants don’t sleep?

A cat’s urine will glow under a black light?

Click here for more!

Life as it is...

I have a special cousin. I think she’s around 20+ years old. She’s not on her own mind, sees everybody as a big toy specifically made for her, and doesn’t have the capacity to think on her will. I sometimes shudder to think that I have a relative of that kind. But as time goes by, I realized that it is me that is in serious mental illness. She needs us, more than just understanding and silent stares. She needs us to treat her lovingly. But some people will never understand hethe way we tried to understand her condition…

I never really have a grasp of why it happened to her. She just popped and then poof, we now have her. And I wonder why her mother can’t understand her situation. She blames her kid—my dear cousin, of the things that has happened to her family. My other relatives would say that she’s just jealous of the attention her husband is giving to her kid. A mother, so jealously affected by her special kid over her husband’s attention? I think she’s a little ill herself.

Every time we see each other, she’s really rough to her kid. And I can’t do anything about it since we don’t have that much bonding moments together. And she made me think that she’s not compassionate to anyone except herself. I wish things will be kinder to those people like her—cruel to the bones.


I know people will never understand me. For some reason, I have this feeling that I am being ridiculed. Not in the most unpleasant way I hope. I feel that in one way or another, I have been seen as some brat talking about her life selfishly. But I’m just saying things here truthfully. But who would know?

As I was browsing my comments on other blogs, I think I have gone too far and I’m sorry. I see you as someone that could be an older sister to me. But I don’t know. Maybe we just don’t have the right lookout in life.

I am not religious. But I still have that belief. I can never be that goody good girl. But I’m trying my best not to do stuffs that would hurt other people. At 20, I’m still lost. Where’s my path to holiness? Or will I ever be worthy enough to other people?

Looks like I’m still straying away in a long road to home..

Philo 106

“I always see philosophy as something that hinders me from believing in a transcendental being, something that makes me believe only the things that can be seen by my eyes, something that could comprehended only by my human mind, and to believe the things that can simply be proven by empirical methodology…”

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Willie for Whatever-Position-in-the-Government?

I am not really for this guy, crying in front of a television show will never earn my compassion towards him. I am against him not solely because he is a TV personality but because he hasn’t explained yet the allegedly scam in his show Wowowee.

Will Philippines be ruled again by this kind of persons who use the National Television power just to earn their way to senate? Look what happened to Estrada? I can’t believe people are attaching themselves to Revillame just to earn popularity (like Villar).

He always says that he will not steal the people’s money—like any other presidents that has come before him. And look where we are now? Yes, in a stinky mud where people are already dying.

"Public service doesn't depend in a government position alone"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Transcendental Reality

I am taking up Philo 106 against my will. Not that I certainly hate it, I just don’t have the brains to catch all those words and all those philosophical views. With a mind like mine, I doubt it.

As we go along on our lessons this past weeks, we met the different types of god: the stop gap god, the emotional crutch god and some type of god I forgot. The discussions were great but sometimes it feels like my brains are exploding. So as part of the curriculum to give the students a very enjoyable form of learning, our teacher let us see the movie Unlocking the Mysteries of Life.

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