Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"And yes! I successfuly killed that nasty brown being."

Once upon a time, I tried to sleep in our dingy apartment in Jacinto Extension, Davao City, Philippines. At first glance, it was okay. A combination of wood and cemented walls could be seen. It’s a two story apartment with an aura of uneasiness. But since it was the near apartment we could find from school, we settled for it even though it was overpriced considering its poor quality.

Oh, back to my story. I tried to sleep and it was, well, hot since the summer season was slowly hugging the country. I felt a sudden blast from my window. It was a cockroach! If I can help it, I don’t want to kill the spiteful insect because of the unnerving sound it would make, but he left me with no choice. He’s trying to barge into my private life, and he’s flying! So with nervous knees and fast beating heart, I quickly run for my life-saver slipper and tried to give him a big thump. And yes! I successfuly killed that nasty brown being.

But before I could recover from that trauma of killing him, I was once again faced with another insect of his kind. I was ready to strike yet again. But something caught my already occupied attention. I turned my gaze and with a flash of painful breezing sound they made, I had the impulse to cry. A fleet of cockroaches! They are certainly terrorizing my room! I can’t believe the window got broken. I was thinking that maybe it was the karma for hitting their relative a while ago. And since my arms and nape’s hairs were all rising up, I ran for my life, shouting and crying at the same time. I was so afraid then that I can’t fight my tears back. Few seconds have passed and Ate Anne consoled me and asked what happened. Then with his boyfriend’s help, they tried to shoo away the insects. She was so kind in offering me to sleep on her room since she will spend the night on her parent’s house; what a bliss.

After thanking her profusely, I slept with a smile on my face somehow. And the journey in leading a life away from those things became one of my goals. You would think its funny how a 20-year old woman would have her heart racing with just a glimpse on them. How pitiful.

Once, I was totally embarrassed on one of our immersion days in Civil Service because of my big mouth. The leader of that little place was showing us off the scrapbook he received from the last batch of students who were there. It was decorated in a creative way—with skins from a coconut tree. As he slowly turned the pages, I saw a dead cockroach. Amazed how they managed to catch one, I started to say, “Oooohh. Look, a dead cockroach!” I wanted to say more but the thing I thought was dead moved and started to crawl! My instant reaction was to shout. And a big shout did I do. My classmates were all laughing at me. I tried to calm myself as Manong said, “Put this away child (referring to his daughter). I did not know they are afraid of such insect” I was so embarrassed that all I could do was laugh at my blunder.

I just hate them, honestly. Although they are helpful in our ecosystem, I don’t find them useful seeing them fly in front of me. But now, I’m trying to live a peaceful and roaches free life. God bless to me amigo.:)

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