Friday, September 25, 2009


So much as been written over celebrities and I still understand why people are so into them. I do have a lot of favorite stars in Hollywood but I don’t really have that much time to dig up their lives. I’m not just a total fan I guess.

This whole celebrity thing started when my friends and I went yesterday for a snack in a food chain. They started telling each other how soap operas are very much exciting and they are so in love with the characters from different shows. I was like—huh? And when they started to tell gossips about what this and that star did, I can’t say anything except: what’s that all about? I’m such as loser.

I know some bits of information but I can’t really tell if it is like yesterday of the other year ago. I do watch news but when the portions of local stars (even the Hollywood ones) are being aired, I can feel my eyelids are becoming heavy. I just don’t have the enthusiasm over their lives. Most of the time, I’m super late in terms of what’s happening on him or her.

Boring life? You bet.:P


  1. I kno what you mean Jenn. I havent been going to the movies near as much as I did only a couple of years ago. Few of them seem interesting.

  2. with all the things this country are now facing, i wonder i can still go to a movie theater without thinking of those people...


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