Friday, September 4, 2009


I’ve been busy, really. To top it all is my job. Forgive me for making my blogsite a very boring one. But I really want to get updated and since my previous night was spent sleeping (resting from days that I was making some stuff over the internet), I wasn’t able to post nice stuffs here.

Enogh of that nonsense. By the way, I can’t understand why facebook would flash my laptop screen a SERVICE UNAVAILABLE-DNS FAILURE message. Are they trying to say that they cannot cope up with the demands from their subscribers? Hmmm. Did someone ever experience that or was it just me? Maybe I was blocked. Or was it my internet connection? I hate the idea of refreshing that page just to see if I can see my home page on my account. Grrr.

Well, just dropping by. Leave comments if you like my blogsite. Thanks:)

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  1. experienced the same failure, in the end, i ended up making the philo assignment hahaha.

    sabi nila dahil daw sa pldt ito.. but i think facebook is brewing up something new to counter-act the recent piracy that happened..

    may multiply ka diba? notice something new? :/ what's maliban sa 'notes' ano ang kinopya ng multiply sa facebook ? :D

    - Ogs


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