Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was once asked by my friend Kring to write something about why people expect so much. And I kinda compromised. In our past subjects, which I passed thank you very much, I learned that the limitedness of oneself is the reason why we expect too much.

We exist because we have the power/energy of the esse. And by the time we figure things out that we are limited in what we do, in what we can do, in what we will ever do, we are already consumed with so much thoughts saying we must dig up to satisfy our needs and wants.

Like in love, one can never say that “All I want is to love, and I never wanted her/him to love in return.” The reason why people fall in love is because we are expecting something in return; be it kindness or love to counterpart ours.

We are not like God, we can never love unconditionally. Because we are only human, not perfect, not capable of loving without expecting. But how can you explain the love of a mother to her kids? You might ask. Why do you think our mother would end up crying if she didn’t long for the day that her love would bear some fruitful efforts of you loving her? Sounds complicated. It is. And only our God, your God, can fill that gap of abysmal feeling you have right now.

Just an opinion.


  1. You know Jenny, I have really experienced that very thing. God does fill that gap of longing for unconditional love!

  2. i'm glad we have something in common:)
    thanks for reading:D

  3. hi jen! (finally i can now leave my comment :) ) well, i guess you're right that whether we say that we don't expect, still deep in us we long that what we've done or given will be repaid/returned.It is really because we human beings are limited, and I agree that only GOD can satisfy us and fill in those EXPECTATIONS! (Im starting my own blog as well.. because of YOU.. you're my inspiration :) mwah)


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