Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frustrated Dancer


I want to be one. It’s just that I never had the talent to do so. Well, I did ethnic dancing during my high school life but despite that little humiliation I got, I still want to be a pop dancer. Hahaha!

I find myself laughing as that thought would cross my mind. It sounds so odd and so out of the blue. Every time I hear pop songs being played on my playlist, I would be in euphoria of illusion, trying so hard to make odd steps. It was a far cry from the dance troupe our school have. And little by little, I begun to think I was crazy.

So far, I was never caught while making those hilarious wiggling. Did you ever have that same frustration? :P


  1. so you dance in your room without clothes on?hahaha! kidding:P


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