Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fun Chapter

My on-the-job training in FlexNet is going well. Not that I really like sitting for about 4 hours doing nothing that would make me want to shout in frustration, it’s just that I have completed the required hours for the course. Oh, yes! The minimum required hours for our OJT is 150. But since my other classmates who where on that same company wasn’t done yet, I decided to be with them till they have completed their required hours.

I have experienced a lot working with FlexNet. The frustration over the lonesome environment on the place; agitation in waiting for the clock to tick 4:00pm; boring days over some task such as researching; and eagerness to learn new things were just the few things that I will treasure forever.

We were quite lucky to be here since my other classmates did not like the experience they have on their workplace. For once, we thought that Mr. Nielsen is not that approachable but as time goes by, we realized how kind he is to us. One of the reasons why we thought about such thing is because of the language barrier. I sometimes find it hard to listen to him without drifting away from my realm of dreams. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful but sometimes, I really can’t understand what he says. As time goes on, I saw it myself that he’s like a kid, friendly and cool. Thank you for the accommodation sir!

Mr. Dagumampan was somehow intimidated by our constant tardiness. I tried not to but there are just times that we can’t make on time, especially Vanyssa since she lives outside the city proper. He quitted his job in the company around August.

Silly jokes, laughing from their story excerpts resulting to a little and treasured memories were the things that I could say to our Kuya’s Jon, Allen, Jason, Lawrence, Jairus, Joshua, and Ate’s Cielo and Pam. We will live in future and will remember you always. Thank you and God bless us!

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