Friday, September 11, 2009

Hollywood Crushes

Jim Sturgess Matthew Broderick Hugh Grant Simon Pegg

I was always ecstatic to see my Hollywood crushes in those outstanding films they did. I never knew why the Filipino actors don’t make an appeal to me. Who cares anyway?

I watched Jim Sturgess the other night at HBO and I was astonished by the way he acted. I just love him. He can be a nerdy and all that but in just a minute or two, he can be the hot-jaw-dropping-hunk I’ve ever laid my eyes on. He doesn’t have the body but I think he’s fantastic!

Most of my Hollywood crushes are a bit old but they are still young and fresh to me. Some would agree that at some point or another, they are certainly good looking. Perhaps Matthew Broderick sounds familiar to you? Oh yes! The wife of the glamorous Sarah Jessica Parker caught my heart. He’s so innocent, so young looking and so mature at the same time that I was completely bedazzled by him. He’s like Greek God, short but well suited to his personality.

Speaking of oldies, I really worship Hugh Grant. He did a fabulous job on his film Love Actually. He’s the bloody Englishman from England and he’s so adorable. I am so in love with him. I wonder who he is dating at the moment. Googling…

And I won’t forget Simon Pegg from Hot Fuzz or the gorgeous man who dubbed Buck in Ice Age 1 and 2 and voices of the weasel in 3. The chiseled like face, he’s perfect beyond doubt. I wanted him in my dreams; huge admiration huh? More like an obsession don’t you think? :)

I know they don’t have the star power or fame of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (I’m not a fan, sorry) but they are worth a million star fame to me and to others who love them. Daydreaming…

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