Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West at MTV VMA

Monday morning caused a stir to the students at Laboratory F609 as the Yahoo headline featured how uneducated someone could be.

I was enraged as I saw Kanye West demeaned poor Taylor Swift while delivering her acceptance speech. West seemed confident as he grabbed the microphone out of Swift’s hand and start to grumble about Beyonce’s Single Ladies as “the best video of all time”. Swift on the other hand seemed totally shock and was speechless after that bastard left the stage, leaving the audience outraged. The audience was not kind to him the whole night though. They gave her a standing ovation and booed West during the entire show every time his name was called.

I personally felt livid seeing the video on YouTube. How could someone do such a thing to 19-year old girl? The organizer of that event should have dragged West out in that place. He’s being a jerk really, maybe more than that. I really respected Black Americans, honestly. But I don’t think I can give that to him. He’s being racist. I’m sorry to say that.

Everyone is entitled to have his/her own opinion but that wasn’t just the right place and time to do that. We have TMZ to talk to, you know. And besides, who cares what he thinks? Beyonce is very good (with the emphasis on ‘very’), we all know that. Nonetheless, it isn’t enough to humiliate someone just because she’s young, not the diva we admire so much on Beyonce, doesn’t deserve the title, or for whatever reason you have in mind. And he doesn’t have the license to do that on Swift just because he’s “Kanye West” (eyes rolling).

I immediately deleted the ONLY entry he had on my playlist—Heartless, with T-Pain. I just totally hated him yesterday as I started to tweet how I felt about it. Well who knows, karma has a gift for him. We do not totally know. My heart goes out for you Taylor.

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  1. I also disliked what Kanye West did. I pitied the girl. It's like a deja vu on my part. I think that happened to me when someone just didn't let me finish speaking up and keep on talking. The feeling was so aweful. I am glad, I am able to recover partly but well after that, I think i haven't built much confidence on myself til now... tsk tsk tsk .. Kanye's kind are people who just so insecure and pathetic and yeah, karma would just go along his way soon and to those people who are just so insensitive ......


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