Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Did someone on the opposite sex (I mean boys) try to understand their girlfriend’s whining by putting their shoes on the girl’s position? Some may have tried, but most of the time I guess, they just complain on how girls are so dependent on them.

Some girls are so annoying (I am at times-or maybe most of the times like that) that boys ended up wanting to have no girlfriends at all. But let me justify the girls demanding nature.

Guys (ok so not all) are so nice when they are courting the girl. Pages of text messages are at the minimum of 3, always checks if the girl has eaten her meal, waiting for the girl’s dismissal to end and patiently drop the girl on her house. Would always be the one to check how her day was and will try to have an interesting topic to talk with. But when the stage of courting ends, guys will have a 2-3 line text, will say that he’s busy not to text her for a couple of hours or more, and just let her do all things necessary to have a good relationship. Let’s face it, even how good you are to your girlfriend, there will always be this moment that you will somehow neglect her. Don’t be such a bastard not to admit it. Ask your girl then if you’re not the world’s biggest loser sometimes.

I am not saying that we girls are so angelic like that we commit no crime at all. But all action has its own causes. Try to examine why we girls are so needy (again, not applicable to all). Did you somehow neglect her when she needed you most? Or failed to see her effort to please you? Or had a cold treatment to her when she was so desperate of having someone to talk with? Now those are the questions worth pondering.

I don’t intend to be on the girls’ side in the course of this blog. Let us also examine the behavior of the guys’ action.

“Why on earth would he cheat on me?”, that’s the question we girls often ask on the sudden change on our guy. But did we ever ask why he would do such an obnoxious act? Then maybe we are so demanding on his time, so selfish, so unsupportive on his decisions and so bitchy. Hurtful yes but you should look deeper on how you are to him. (But well, cheating is always cheating.)

I can always say “10 points to that!” when I remember in our philosophy reading that says: Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other.

When you are abandoned by someone, let him/her die without tasting you (hahah!). Forget about him/her and live your life along because God will eventually show His plans for you.

When we speak of love, it is so easy to connect and find ourselves nodding in agreement. Hmmm, I am just posting this nonsense stuff but that doesn’t mean I am so good about it. In fact, we do get dumb about this so-called love all the time. Thinking and loving do not go hand in hand because loving while thinking can’t be call love at all. But hey, to wait and love someone who comes along is the only way we can find who is the righteous one for us, or maybe none at all. Agree?

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