Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love is ephemeral

I never intended to discern how the word ‘love’ works for it will only be a sublime truth to those people who wanted to feel everyone unhappy. And yet as I happen to be one those persons who undergone a bit of gloominess over a couple of months, I prefer to write than cry.

With all due respect to those who are in love at this very moment, I dare to say that love is ephemeral. It is untrue then to say that in every relationship conjured by the loving cupid, one can find an endless love.

But how come people get married, have babies, grow old, then die together if love is only a fleeting emotion? I have realized that yes, it is possible to stay in love with each other if you are bound with the commitment you two committed. The love you feel at the peak of your relationship is because of the gushing realization that each is one’s companion.

Feeling in love is different from being in love (though our philosophy teacher doesn’t want to use in love, I would like to use this words to avoid confusion). It is different in the sense that the latter exists in your heart and mind while the first is present only to the mind.

People’s feeling is not forever. One cannot stay mad over someone for the feeling that resides in him is also passing. He can only pretend to be mad out of pride or because his mind dictates that it is the best way to confront a person.

It is hard to understand why people fall out of love. Why? Because in ourselves, we feel so engrossed on the love we feel that we forget that the other entity is slipping away-because love is short-lived that’s why. We must understand that it could also happen to us, only it happened to them first.

Love exists in our minds and hearts. If we are losing those two important containers of love, we are doom to fall out of it.

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