Friday, September 18, 2009

'Ber' Months

September is fast ending but I guess I should’ve foreseen that with the ‘ber’ attached to each months ahead, lonely Christmas would then follow.

Ever since my mother died, my family and I seldom celebrate Christmas with so much enthusiasm. I would go in my usual stupor in bed, sleeping, while my brothers would have their usual out-of-the-house escapade. My father on the other hand would go out with his friends. Sometimes I watch a movie. But most of the time, I spend my holidays on my aunt’s house.

I remember one incident where our Christmas tree was put on the day before that big celebration. After the uneventful night, our lives would continue the way it were, as if nothing special is happening all over the world, as if it was just an ordinary day to us Christians. But as I try to get an answer why these things happened, I also noticed that it’s not just Christmas were not celebrating, but birthdays too.

I hope I will not spend my holidays at home.


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