Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lack of...

The more I try to think how less I write here, the more depressed I become. Busy on school stuffs, demanding boss, 4 articles at most every week, no internet connection—that’s what happened during these past days.

But let us not dwell on the things I missed, but on things that I must do. Well, to start off, I stubbornly tried to make a philosophical reflection on the question: is atheism a valid option to be based on the principles of Norris Clarke, Scottpeck, and Nietzsche? Is this for real? Gosh, I must be asleep when Ms. Tutor discussed all of these stuffs. Now I’m doomed into the realm of abysmal emptiness. But life won’t side me on skipping this haunting reality—philo assignments. Arghh. I wish I can borrow Freud’s mind. How’s that for a thought? I kinda like it. Don’t you?

Well, at this very moment, my group hasn’t passed a single paper on Theology. That was supposed to the equivalent of our midterm exam. I think we will never make it. The deadline was on last Saturday. We have a lot of explaining to do on Mr. MaƱigo later.

The practical exam for CISCO would be….tomorrow??! That is soo not good. I haven’t practiced a bit on routers and hubs and switches and on the commands I must use. How about solving for an IP address?? No! It’s like a nightmare while I’m awake.

At least I have some good news. I got three Danielle Steel’s novels. Guess what it was! Oh! I knew someone out there like her works as much as I do, or even more. I got her Once Upon A Lifetime, Accident, and Journey novels. Yippee. I was wishing that I could get the works of Stephenie Meyer but I guessed I’ll just have to settle on the things I can afford.:p

Speaking of books, I was not able to visit the library for this semester. I guess I should pay that little place a visit. I miss the feeling of being there with the smell of those old books. I really hope to find some works of Paolo Coelho. :D

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