Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music in My Life

In our generation today, different kinds of music have been introduced—from Rock, Pop, R&B and Alternative Rock. I see different variations, odd composers and more odd singers. And the teens are very much in love with them. I am too.

I used to like mellow songs, I still like some of them, but as time goes by, I become more open to Pop and R&B and other genre. I try to act as if I’m the singer, and make some outrageous actions; trying to copy the music video. It was totally don’t-barge-into-my-room time.

My aunt would ask me, “Have you ever grown old with that kind of music? I can’t understand anything about it at all.” She sees it as something that knocks her eardrums off. Growing with teenage nieces and nephews isn’t that fun for her, I guess.

And then suddenly, I miss her...

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