Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Birthday

Just as my father, some siblings, relatives, and friends ignored my day, I am very happy to spend my birthday with Yang2, Kim, Kai and Kring. They made that day extra special though I didn’t intend it to be celebrated at all.

Friday at Philosophy 106, Kring made me a hand written invitation to go out. All I want is a nice break from all the stressful exam week we had. And so I agreed.

First, we went to get our tickets to watch the movie of Eugene Domingo. After that, we had our lunch at KFC (they paid for my movie ticket and for my lunch), then we hit the New Jersey studio to get our graduation pictures. We had some time laughing at our pictures and glamour shots. Mine’s okay but I guess my smile was a bit phony.

I was never a fan of Filipino movies since I find it corny and full of nonsense. But I guess, some movies are an exemption to that. It turned out to be fun and full of laughter the moment I set my eyes on Eugene Domingo’s movie. She’s sooo funny.

And as a treat to myself, I bought three Danielle Steel novels from my first salary ever. I was so happy at that moment that I was thinking my heart will explode with just a pinch.
I wanted to tell you girls how much you made me extra happy. Though I am moody most of the time, you did understand my childish behavior. I love you guys!:D

And before I would end this entry, I would like to say thank you to those people who greeted me even before I celebrated my 20th year of existence: Kring, Neil, Jonathan, Camz, Cye, Jingkoy, Ya Jec, Lloydie, Kim, Kai, Carlo, Suppie, Krista, Ya Arj, Ching, Jap, Edle, Mitch, Te Cathy, Moi, Maris, Honey, Yang, Rochie, Monique, Jikko, Arlyn, Chack, Cle Dodie, Sang2, Kid, Ate Bie, Bem and Steven--better late than never.

Some even texted me without a name on attached to it, thanks! And some just forgets. I had a good night with the little kid in a red shirt, thanks for stopping by. Manong tricycle driver also waited to get my order done. Thanks a bunch.

I haven’t had the resources and time to check on my Facebook and email accounts to see who else greeted me. Bu I doubt there’s a lot to see on my wall since I changed my birth month to January. My purpose was not to swarm my wall with greetings from people I don’t know. If they remember my birthday, thanks, if not, fine. After all, I have lots of friends’ greetings to attend to.:p

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