Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Friend

I have known you just a few months ago. I thought you were this big L in the whole wide AdDu campus. A real git, an awful person in terms of PR, but I must say that you are a good programmer.
After a few encounters with you in English, bio, and NSTP 1 and 2, I was ready to accept that your big brain is as big as your compassion to others.

You’ve been a good friend and you helped me a lot in passing biology by explaining the difference between a mimicry and the other kind of insect (is it just me who forgets all the terms when the semester ends?). I never said thank you, have I?

Even though you’re the biggest loser in the whole wide world, I would never trade you for anything. A friend is a friend. I can never be your best friend-that’s for sure-but I hope someday that you’ll start to call me by my name (AGAIN).

It just so happen that I will certainly see you every day and there’s no way I can avoid your irritating gaze. But even so, I miss those days when I could still talk to you, the things that I shared to you and the way you call me by the pet name you gave me yourself.

The constant bickering is always on top of my hate-list. Not just because it annoys me but also because some people thinks there is something going on between us. Like duh???? :D

I could vividly remember when you give pieces of advice to me about my probationary status. That is so not like you. Kidding!:) All the small talks we had and some of the hush-hush stories I told you.

I would always keep the only 2 things you left me—my memory of you of months of friendship and the letter you gave me. Thank you for the alliance (the time when I almost cry over someone). A brief months of friendship (or should I say acquaintance?) is enough gift to last a lifetime.

See you in school Mr. Bad Guy image. Hoping for your positive response the next time I would say “hi” to you.

*New update: We’re now on the speaking terms again. Now that’s a relief :)

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