Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paolo's night

“Paolo Babas! Woooo! Go Pao!” were the things Kim, Kring, Rochie, Ya Arj, Pael and I tried to shout so Paolo can have a good time as he struts some dress at the Holy Cross of Davao College Gymnasium last September 5 of 2009.

The week before that, he was pursuing us to come and see him as he competes for the title of Mr. Economics for this year. Six other schools have their own bet of candidates parading that night. It was actually Mr. and Ms. Economics with her Stephanie as her partner.

The group was trying to shout as loud as our voices would allow. But since the place is a kinda big, Paolo didn’t hear us till on the latter part of the program.

And as far as I can remember, Paolo was the blooper king that night. Funny how he slightly stumbled and how near sighted he become. Every candidate must say something on the country they represent and so microphones were put on other sides. But instead of going to the spot where the microphone was, he just passed it by without even realizing he’s a meter away from it! We laughed so hard I must have broken a rib or two. Weee!

The dance was a big one. Steph is very graceful and Pao was, funny. Hahaha! Well, he can’t dance but at least he tried his best to move his body like a caterpillar. They’re fantastic, both of them.

The dresses they wore were so fabulous and elegant that I was betting they will hit the corporate attire. But we can’t have everything in life. At least they got the best in the night gown award. And Pao got the Mr. Photogenic title. We were like crazy people cheering for them.

I was half expecting Pao would get the title as Mr. Econ and I was right! Well, the shouts from a group of 6 people were worth it. And Step won the title too. I’m so happy for them that we jumped the instant we heard their names as the winners. I wished Yang and Kai and Camz and Krista and Vanyssa and the rest of the IM4 class were there.

We headed off to McDonalds to nurse our parched throats then after. It was a long night. Pao, Steph, and their families were so happy. Kring was happy too. She must be. After all, the night was fun with her loved ones around her. I’m happy for you best! :)

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