Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines in the Past Few Days

Saturday night at around 9 in the evening, I was in shocked as I watched the Greater Manila being drowned in massive water from the Typhoon Ondoy. Water floods almost swallowed the houses; muddy roads covered the streets; cars are like toys dragged and park in the highways in the city; and a lot of people lost their loved ones and their homes. No words can express the grief that surrounds the country.

As we are comfortably sleeping in our beds, some people uploaded their condition as the water slowly eats their entire house. Others were taken away by the flowing river. It was a far cry here in Davao. Speeding boats were also used to rescue people because a lot of people were trapped at the top of their houses to escape the deathly water.


With the pictures and videos above, the Philippines is in dire need of your help. Please visit for your donation. Typhoon Ondong left the country but it left the people with so much to grief.

*the format is poorly done, i know. Sorry :/


  1. What can we say about such tragedies?! All I know to do is pray for the people.

  2. Where I come from, we call those storms hurricanes...and I am familiar with the damage and tremendous loss they can cause. I am praying that the water will recede quickly and your people will persevere.

  3. Jenny, I got your comment today and am working on something to post hopefully tonight. I'm not sure I have much influence, but I am willing to honor your request to make others aware. Who knows how God could use it?

    Incidentally, I read your recent post on your other blog (which I can't leave comments on...????) Anyway, your third hope was that your people would see your GOD. Do you mind if I ask who that God is? If you need to email me about it, I can get that to you. :-)

  4. Thanks for your encouragement to post about the need for hurricane relief in your country; sorry it took me until Thursday to get it out. God's blessings on you and yours.


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