Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Philo 106

“I always see philosophy as something that hinders me from believing in a transcendental being, something that makes me believe only the things that can be seen by my eyes, something that could comprehended only by my human mind, and to believe the things that can simply be proven by empirical methodology…”

I entered Philosophy 106 with riddles in my head, full of questions, doubts, and fears at the same time. It was like riding in a roller coaster ride. But I was wrong. It was worse than that. I can’t explain it in such detailed manner without compromising its essence, or even its thought that surpasses any human intellect. Despite the fact that the semester is almost over, I still can’t grasp the reason for my existence.

As I begun to absorb all the things that were presented to me by certain personalities, I was ready to embrace atheism. I was ready to throw all the things the teachings of Catholicism that was pushed to me by my parents. And with each passing day I realized how that belief isn’t that consistent through time.

But still, I held on to that tiny thread that makes me a believer for 20 years; more arguments, more facts, yet more questions in our head. And to add a little more confusion into our minds, our teacher made us watch “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life.” Scientific data were presented. Respectable scientists in the field of Genetic Observation and Biology spoke. Irreducible Complexity was also one of the topics. But in the end, these scientists rejected the idea of Charles Darwin. And was somehow perplexed of how perfectly our body responds to different situations. How can a DNA even know what kind of protein will it end up in the end?

Despite all those stuff that was said over my belief as a Catholic, I simply cannot throw it all away. Was I turning into the stop-gap-god? No. People can’t just blabber “There’s no other explanation. It surely must be the god.” It is such a waste of belief to be confined in one’s limitedness.

“To be open to religious experience is to become a questor that is thirsty of answer but at the same time open to other experiences-Norris Clarke.”

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