Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For a month or so two years ago, I constantly bugged Jeff to do the reformatting of my desktop computer (oh and I forgot, before him, there was Marvin) and it took me days to convince him to do the reformatting proper. But unfortunately, the schedule I was hoping to achieve did not materialize.

For years now (after sleepless nights of studying computer functionality, I can say that I know little about programming), even a single formatting of a desktop computer is soOo out of my league.

That year was one of the toughest moments in my life. It was totally humiliating that every time I picture myself on that event, I would end up frowning.

It started when my desktop computer was running abysmally stupid after installing some crap antivirus application. I really don’t know what happened that with every click I made, it will took me 1 hour before I could click on to the next program. I was so pissed that I almost throw it away into the open window.
I was worried sick that time because our project in English was requiring us some paragraphs about something that you have to make on your own (I think it was awfully long). Then I decided to ask some help to a friend that has knowledge over it. All I can remember was that he didn’t have time to do it and the deadline was fast approaching.

It was the day of the deadline and I can’t help but cry when I saw my friend in the cafeteria who promised to help in fixing it. It was a childish move, really. What happened was that my other friends teased him about me crying over it and they somehow scolded the culprit for not helping me (hahah!-evil laugh). And that afternoon, he fixed my desktop computer. Oh, what a bliss.:)

Then I was faced with the same problem again. The problem was, I don’t know how he did those formatting procedures and I was face again with the idiosyncrasy of my pc (it was actually a virus courtesy of my former roommate’s sister). Since Jeff doesn’t have the time to fix it and Marvin can’t do it also, I decided to do it on my own. The previous procedure was my only basis. I can remember him trying to disable boots and that was it. So with my little remembrance of how he did it, I just made some experimentation.

At first it was a total disaster. Imagine yourself disabling all universal serial buses with the knowledge that your keyboard relies heavily on it, stupid right? Lessoned learned I guess. =p Then I decided to borrow a keyboard to Yang2 that uses a serial port. Tadaaaan! I now have a running Windows XP. I did some modification though. I made its office be in 2007 version and installed some useful programs.

It’s quite an accomplishment because the very thing that made me cry two years ago helped me in acquiring knowledge about it. I missed my files, pictures, music, videos, TV episodes, etc.
I hope I could still remember it the next time around. It maybe a nothing to someone but it is an achievement to me. Now I’m on Windows 7 courtesy of Jeff. :D

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