Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Social Sites Make This Generation Go Nuts

In the technology era the world now have, more and more people are jumping off the bandwagon just so we can say we’re in the same crowd. And the main culprit for this is the internet.

Myspace, Hi5, Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and Netlog are just some of the networking sites that have a huge appeal on the teen of the current generation. Not to mention the other sites such as YouTube, Blogsome, Wordpress, Freewebs, and Forums that made our parents livid from the full attention we give to our computer. I must admit, I have undergone all the social sites mentioned above (except Wordpress). Some I drop—Friendster, and some I update regularly.

I have 4 e-mail accounts, 2 blogs, 6 social sites, and I don’t-know-how-many other accounts. I am guilty beyond reasonable doubt, your honor. Was I crowding the database of these sites? I hope not.

But do you have any idea why we’re so hooked up into these sites, telling people we never met how we feel, how we spent our vacations and stuffs like that? Maybe because we don’t have the courage to talk up front to other people and the little we know about someone, the more we tend to tell him everything. How can that be when that person is a total stranger to us? Studies show us that more than 90% internet users are more likely to tell the truth about themselves over the internet. That’s pretty interesting. In my own view, the internet is the avenue where people can express things they can’t easily say to their friends such as sexuality, emotional fleet, virginity, family problems and the like.

I also use messengers to chat my friends whom I didn’t meet for a long time and even those people I know abroad. I personally like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Multiply for obvious reasons.

YouTube makes me see news that I crave so much. If I miss a song that I really wanted to hear, all I have to do is hit the right keywords and then boom, I can now listen to it. Or even watch some trailers of some blockbuster movies. Myspace on the other hand makes me spy people I really adore such as Aj Raphael and Cathy Nguyen. I have a few contacts on that site though. I see Multiply as some sort of a website to me—my OWN website that is. I can post pictures as much as I wanted to, put tracks my friends could download, write reviews and blogs, have my shoutouts and, and post movies. Some people are even using multiply for online selling such as bags, gadgets, etc. The good thing about twitter is that you get to follow your Hollywood crushes and some personalities I admire so much without even worrying that their account is a bogus one. The twitter people verify accounts of these personalities and I personally think it’s so cool! And the best of them all is Facebook. I can buy my friends, play games, and still be able to do some stuffs a normal social site has—photos (you get tagged), notes (equivalents to blogs), and shoutouts.

I don’t think I did great in explaining those sites mentioned. But one thing is for sure, being involve in these sites is so much better than being addicted to drugs. Yet, a balance of this realm must still be considered especially if your job does not require you to surf the sites mentioned.:P

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