Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Tragic Loss

I have a confession to make. It will shock you and might think that I was a ruthless child with a mind like that. I’m a real selfish git. There. I said it plain and simple. No? Wait till you hear two of the countless stories I have…

When I was a kid, I would usually sit on our living room with my mom and dad. They would watch news the local broadcasting network has to offer. And I just hate. Why do they like to watch the latest nonsense events concerning our little town? Urhg. That was one of my hated days since I can’t have the luxury to see my favorite cartoon show.

Perhaps I was being soft, but wait till you here this: When something bad happens, especially if it involves a number of people dying, I silently rejoice (I knew better than to voice out my happiness; a whack from mother once is enough.) knowing the population of the world was being cut to half. Imagine, no population problems to worry, no unearthly beggars to be born, and most importantly, no other people with greedy interest would do undesirable acts in the future. Cool, eh?

But as I grew up, I realize how awful I really was. Well, I still am. But with some kind of limitations, I hope. I tried to be cool every time someone pisses me off. I would just frown (at least I don’t shout). The greatest test was when some of my friends said terrible things against me. I tried to reason out that I never intended things to go out the way it did but they seemed so totally decided to close their minds. That was a total blow to me. But we fixed it out with a good heart. I guess. I was trying to resolve my selfish part in wishing something tragic would pop, that’s for sure.

The recent happening astounded me. The tragedy last Sunday made me wanted to cry in solidarity to those families who lost their loved ones from the event that had happened involving the Superferry9.

Filipinos rely heavily on the Aboitiz Company in so many ways that even their lives were all but given to those people behind the realm of that lucrative name. And to hear that they failed in giving a safe trip to those people who have entrusted their lives wholeheartedly sounds so appalling to me. Nine people were reportedly died as of September 8 this year but some critics are still counting.

I find it hard to keep on living knowing that somewhere, someone is crying over certain tragedies. I guess my mom’s departure made me this sentimental. All we can do now is pray. God bless their souls.


  1. I like your forthright views. Time never remains the same do our views ; they move with we grow we loose that bit of innocence and maturity takes over.
    Would be interesting to see your views change over the years :)
    Be smiling

  2. I felt that kind of..ruthless and cold-blooded whenever we watch these tragedies happening. When I sit on the couch and think, "How the hell could I sit here and watch news with a girl dying or a plane crashing?" And I'd feel very normal like nothing will happen. And I'd think,"After all, it didn't happen to me. So what's the fuss?"

    I think we are cold-blooded. But maybe we aren't, tragedies are a part of life, God destined these. All we have to do is pray, pray that it wouldn't happen to us.

    Anyways, I really like your perspectives.

    Visit mine too. It may sound too desperate. But just wanting another soul read your work. It's a normal instinct, I think.

    Looking forward for your next entries.


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