Friday, September 18, 2009

Transcendental Reality

I am taking up Philo 106 against my will. Not that I certainly hate it, I just don’t have the brains to catch all those words and all those philosophical views. With a mind like mine, I doubt it.

As we go along on our lessons this past weeks, we met the different types of god: the stop gap god, the emotional crutch god and some type of god I forgot. The discussions were great but sometimes it feels like my brains are exploding. So as part of the curriculum to give the students a very enjoyable form of learning, our teacher let us see the movie Unlocking the Mysteries of Life.

It was a dramatic explanation on how Charles Darwin’s Theory of evolution became a far reality. Michael Behe was one of the major critics of Darwin. They argued that the Evolution of Life is not that explained very well. And I can’t seem to grasp all of it—the terms, the model of the bacterial flagellum, I’m glad I did not take a course that is in line with that.

Whatever their reasons may be, I believe in the transcendental being. I really do. Many times did I question His existence but at some point in my life, I would continue to remember the day I saw a dying plant came to its senses: I was watering a dying plant and luckily, I saw him stretch his stems; as if he’s saying, “I am created by God and now, you have witnessed His creation from death to survival.”


  1. I find it interesting that God revealed Himself to you in a plant because in the Bible it says that God reveals Himself in His creation. The universe is so complex and so orderly - how could it just randomly occur?

  2. i agree too! biochemist would say that there is no such thing but how can be life so perfect? in one way or another, existing in this world is a miracle.:D


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