Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Willie for Whatever-Position-in-the-Government?

I am not really for this guy, crying in front of a television show will never earn my compassion towards him. I am against him not solely because he is a TV personality but because he hasn’t explained yet the allegedly scam in his show Wowowee.

Will Philippines be ruled again by this kind of persons who use the National Television power just to earn their way to senate? Look what happened to Estrada? I can’t believe people are attaching themselves to Revillame just to earn popularity (like Villar).

He always says that he will not steal the people’s money—like any other presidents that has come before him. And look where we are now? Yes, in a stinky mud where people are already dying.

"Public service doesn't depend in a government position alone"


  1. Appreciate your quote about public service not just being about position.

  2. i wish people will see that too;..:(


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