Friday, October 16, 2009

Semester Vacation

For weeks, I decided not to put much on my blog site since I have a lot of things to do. I accepted a lot of job from ate bam thinking it would be a missed opportunity. True enough, I learned a lot of things from making those articles. It’s like doing my 2 hobbies in one task. No matter how jaded I become, I still appreciate my work because I get to write and read unusual stuffs every day.

And because I decided to do other stuffs rather than finishing my Technopreneurship paper works, Yang and I are stuck in completing this stuff NOW. It’s just a little revision we need to do before the semester ends. No worries. Except that we won’t get good grades for not submitting. URRRGH!

To someone...

I never expected you to ask such favor. For the first time in 20 years, I never thought that something like this could happen.

YOU ARE MY FRIEND. And that’s all I could give you. Hearing you say those “ako cinta kamo” things makes me uneasy. Of course, we can be friends still, without those cheesy lines. And I salute you for admiring me. But it will not make things easy for both of us. I just don’t want to lose a friend; especially if it happens in such a way that I have no choice but to be mean.

Please don’t make it hard for both of us. I’m still here for you. :)

I had a date yesterday!

Hot, hot, and hot. That’s the best way to describe the climate in the Philippines as of the moment. Kring, Yang, Kim and I decided to go to school to make our Techno works. But since I have some agenda, we did not do anything. Sorry Yang. Anyway, so since Yang’s father went to Zamboanga, she decided to bring us some chocolates (Apollo) and some coffees that can only be bought there in the whole Philippines. Thanks for the chocolates and coffee!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

I started my day with making my last article for the time being (my job as usual). The climate was so hot. As I was starting go my way to school, I forgot to bring my Daily Time Record. What a waste of time. So I decided to go home and took a public tricycle instead. I was really pissed.

In school, I did my Peer Evaluation document. And as our sweats our dripping off from our faces (an exaggeration), Justine suddenly announced to everybody that it was Bruce’s birthday yesterday! We didn’t really know! And few seconds after that, everybody greeted him. And then as if everybody was having the same thoughts, we started to chant pizza, ice cream, and coke! We were really kidding him since he did not tell us the real date of his natal day. He shocked us by showing us his 2 thousand pesos bill and gave it to Kring. He’s a real generous even before.

I remember things were a little different two years ago. We didn’t know him (as well as Ryu, Jan Paul, Ogs, Ryan and Ya RJ). But now, we just throw jokes to everybody like old friends do to each other. I really appreciate everybody’s effort in trying to reach out.

Thanks for celebrating your day with us Bruce! Belated happy birthday!!!:D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Maybe that’s one of the reasons I never liked him that much"

Conforming to the rules of someone else’s wants is a very hard task. Just like my father’s “commandments”; it made me think: Do I look like a 5 year old kid incapable of making a decision to herself? I hope not.

He used to tell me that his rules are the things that I must follow as long as I live in his house. It’s OUR house for goodness sake. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I never liked him that much. Before, I respected him because I so much fear his presence. But now, I respected him out of “utang na loob” (having a sense of gratitude). It looks bad, I know. But what can I do if he does things I’m not comfortable with?

The way we used to be...

Every time I see or hear things, I remember some of my friends who made me happy for the time being. But like any other things in the Earth, our liking for each other changed. Some blooms, and some just fades like the ghost Casper.

Some of the songs I have in my playlist reminded me of them, singing happily in the morning sun. We laughed at our voices being squeaky as the high notes hit our cracking tones. What a tune…calming yet there are things I just have to let go…

I became distant to those people who shielded their selves first. And as far as I can remember, I was never cold to anyone (except when I’m mad or disliked someone). I you’re my friend and you decided to close the bridge that connects us, all I can do is accept it. But if you changed your mind, I will once again open my ears to your stories…

Sad as it may seem, some of the friends I have in the past didn’t make it in my present life. And some are starting to slip away. I hope they’re okay.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I’m glad I have the leisure to write AGAIN. Of course I didn’t stop writing… If I have the time (especially when I got bored at some of my classes), I get my paper and pen and would start to scribble nonsense stuffs. I get past the stage where the victim of my unholy drawings would surely point to my teacher. I’m bad, I know. At least I’m awake. That’s a lame excuse, wasn’t it?

But one thing I can assure my teacher: I never sleep in class. I did once. That was in my Financial Management back in second year. It was SAD (System Analysis and Design) implementation phase and my eyes are so heavy. The instant my head touched the arm of my chair, I began to dream. I’m glad Mr. I-forgot-the-name didn’t catch me. Or maybe, he just pretended he didn’t see me. Whatever.

Why am I talking these things? Simply because the end of the semester is near. Sounds like the end of the world? Ahaha. Not funny? Sorry. So going back, with all the students crammed up in the library, I am trying so hard to be productive in a corner at our division’s lair. Projects, group activities, plants versus zombies, whew! I’m planning to raise my money to a couple of million dollars. Now that’s not what I mean by productive folks.

I wasn’t able to do my home works. I was hooked up in watching movies and playing games that I ended up cramming and cursing myself because of my irresponsibility. So now I’m headed off to do my Technoprenuerships video. I hope we can finish it all up this day… Pray for me..:P

The Usual Day

I have been busy these past days (end of the semester and school projects) that I neglected my obligation in writing some contents here. And I feel guilty about it. Not just because I lose the time to do my favorite thing but because I somehow had this lazy attitude in me for days that I spent in my room—sleeping.

I am so glad that Kring also started her blogging hobby. She can write but I guess she lacks the time. Oh well, I wish her well.:D

This day was uneventful as usual. I had my usual sandwich as a lunch and headed after to the library which, by the way, I haven’t visited for the past months. And I feel like the aura of old books swept my nose.

With the upcoming business plan defense and major exams, I hope I can pass this semester with no failing marks through God’s mercy. :D

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

These past days, I found myself busy because of the things that I have neglected—projects, reportings, activities, and my job to top it all. The distress, the grief, and all the bad things that have happened to the Philippines were even sadder.
I am imploring to those people who have the capacity to spread the word that Philippines is really in need of your help, be it financially and in prayers. This country needs more than just healing. The people who were affected by the calamity need to feel that they are loved.
To those Filipino who can write something about what happened, please do so. And please stop the network wars as this will only add confusion and grief to us all.

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