Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

I started my day with making my last article for the time being (my job as usual). The climate was so hot. As I was starting go my way to school, I forgot to bring my Daily Time Record. What a waste of time. So I decided to go home and took a public tricycle instead. I was really pissed.

In school, I did my Peer Evaluation document. And as our sweats our dripping off from our faces (an exaggeration), Justine suddenly announced to everybody that it was Bruce’s birthday yesterday! We didn’t really know! And few seconds after that, everybody greeted him. And then as if everybody was having the same thoughts, we started to chant pizza, ice cream, and coke! We were really kidding him since he did not tell us the real date of his natal day. He shocked us by showing us his 2 thousand pesos bill and gave it to Kring. He’s a real generous even before.

I remember things were a little different two years ago. We didn’t know him (as well as Ryu, Jan Paul, Ogs, Ryan and Ya RJ). But now, we just throw jokes to everybody like old friends do to each other. I really appreciate everybody’s effort in trying to reach out.

Thanks for celebrating your day with us Bruce! Belated happy birthday!!!:D


  1. happy birthday bruce!!!:D thanks for the treat! God bless! ikaw na gyud nag tupad sa amung gna crave na pizza! thanks big tym!:D

  2. This time, Bruce's birthday should be saved to your calendar (cellphone):P And yes! I so love the pizza! thanks bruce!

  3. It's great to have friends like that


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