Friday, October 9, 2009


I’m glad I have the leisure to write AGAIN. Of course I didn’t stop writing… If I have the time (especially when I got bored at some of my classes), I get my paper and pen and would start to scribble nonsense stuffs. I get past the stage where the victim of my unholy drawings would surely point to my teacher. I’m bad, I know. At least I’m awake. That’s a lame excuse, wasn’t it?

But one thing I can assure my teacher: I never sleep in class. I did once. That was in my Financial Management back in second year. It was SAD (System Analysis and Design) implementation phase and my eyes are so heavy. The instant my head touched the arm of my chair, I began to dream. I’m glad Mr. I-forgot-the-name didn’t catch me. Or maybe, he just pretended he didn’t see me. Whatever.

Why am I talking these things? Simply because the end of the semester is near. Sounds like the end of the world? Ahaha. Not funny? Sorry. So going back, with all the students crammed up in the library, I am trying so hard to be productive in a corner at our division’s lair. Projects, group activities, plants versus zombies, whew! I’m planning to raise my money to a couple of million dollars. Now that’s not what I mean by productive folks.

I wasn’t able to do my home works. I was hooked up in watching movies and playing games that I ended up cramming and cursing myself because of my irresponsibility. So now I’m headed off to do my Technoprenuerships video. I hope we can finish it all up this day… Pray for me..:P

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