Friday, October 9, 2009

The Usual Day

I have been busy these past days (end of the semester and school projects) that I neglected my obligation in writing some contents here. And I feel guilty about it. Not just because I lose the time to do my favorite thing but because I somehow had this lazy attitude in me for days that I spent in my room—sleeping.

I am so glad that Kring also started her blogging hobby. She can write but I guess she lacks the time. Oh well, I wish her well.:D

This day was uneventful as usual. I had my usual sandwich as a lunch and headed after to the library which, by the way, I haven’t visited for the past months. And I feel like the aura of old books swept my nose.

With the upcoming business plan defense and major exams, I hope I can pass this semester with no failing marks through God’s mercy. :D


  1. Ofcourse you will pass! THINK POSITIVE! we've gone this far already my friend!:)

  2. Sometimes you just need to sleep.


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