Friday, November 27, 2009

I Shout Justice!

“I’m still breathing, thank God!”

After typhoons and calamities that hit the Philippines, mass murder came next. For years, the people living in the area affected by some families at war are all terrified. A group of military or people with armed rifles are not new to them.

Yesterday afternoon, Kim (with Yang2 and Kai2) went to my apartment and fetched me. Since our first class for the day will be at 4:10pm, we have all the entire morning and early afternoon to ourselves. As we were travelling, Yang2 bombarded us with the details of what she witnessed the other night—the massacred people in Maguindanao.

I am usually at my highest energy if all there is to talk about is the happenings in the country. But I was silent most of the time, and would sometimes but in just to ask some questions. Maybe because I was sleeping when they fetched me and I had a hard time tidying my school uniform, was it my hair bursting from all direction, or was it because I know all of them? No. I was thinking. I was thinking of what’s really happening in our country. I was reflecting, deep in my thoughts, of how cruel people can be. And I am grieving, grieving to the people who were just passing by and were accidentally killed out of witnessing the whole event.

Certain events could weaken the Filipinos. One could be our personal problems, two could be a death in the family (as what happened to Kuya RJ’s sister—may her soul rest in peace), and this.

The whole Davao City, a few hours’ ride to where the killings happened, and the people living here, are also in fear. I received an SMS from Kring saying that there will be 10 vans coming to kill the relatives of the family involved (the suspect). An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It was an alarming thought. And as I turn my attention to my surroundings, there are armies bringing long fire arms. Even the school guards have these toys.

But for the people in Maguindanao and other places in Mindanao, these are just the usual day for them, death after death happens. Can I tolerate this kind of injustice? No, I will not, ever. But for the government to ignore such inhuman act, to tolerate such barbaric dealings, and to ally with the terrorists and people killers, the people in the area—directly and indirectly affected by these heinous events—will feel fear in return.

May God bless this country.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Series of Unforgettable Road Trips

During my first year in the city, I had a hard time finding my way home, literally. I wasn’t raise here so naturally, I don’t know what to ride to go to different places. At that time, I was living in my aunt’s place—a 1 hour ride from where I was studying. It wasn’t that hard since I can go with my older sister during the morning. The hard part was during dismissals.

One afternoon when I was waiting a ride home, I saw Meg. Since she was also waiting for a jeepney that would pass by the mall, we (I, rather) decided to ride a jeepney that has the same direction going to where I live at that time. After a minute or so of waiting, she immediately climbed off to some vehicle. Because I really wanted to ride with her, I mounted to the vehicle without reading its route.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Kills Me To Let You Go

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of meeting a prince charming that would sweep me off my feet; a knight in a shining armor that will protect me from any harm. But in so doing, I ended up trusting no one—except perhaps for two persons.

The first admiration I received from the opposite sex was during my first year high school. He was a nice a guy; a friend; the one you would want to cuddle without reservation or whatsoever. He tried to pursue me that lasted for I-can’t-remember-how-long months.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My not-so-friendly neighbor

The day that I have decided to change my nest, the place of my shelter that is, was the day that I thought things would be a little…different. I was very excited to be in an apartment for the reason that I was in an all girls dormitory before. This means that I do have a curfew and I need to rush home whenever there’s a school activity in order to be in my bed before the clock ticks at exactly 10pm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enrollment with a bang of surprise!

Before the first semester end, there came a lot of book from different authors in a certain bookstore. Kim, Yang and I went there and started browsing some new stuff. I found some interesting readings but well, I don’t have the resources to buy it so I just contented myself in looking them.

I’m a book lover, I really am. But I’m not the usual geek where you will always sew my nose under a book. I read books during my free time. I wanted to read everything coz I know that I need that habit for me to keep updated and for me to learn new things. (I know, I know, I’m a part-time geek :P)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Painted it Black

Ever since I was in high school, I was always teased by my classmates. The reason: the color of my hair. Filipinos have the natural black shade on their hairs but mine is chestnut like. They always say that I am like a hooker. And I just can’t do anything about it because my hais has the tendency to turn brownish. So I decided I need to change its appearance.

From time to time, I asked my aunt’s help to “color” it black. It helped eliminate the teasing lines I constantly received. So for the meantime, I lived a happy and peaceful life.

When I reached college, I got tired of maintaining its color so I stopped. Sometimes I received jokes about the color of my hairs but I just shrugged it off. I just think it as a compliment. :D

While I had my vacation in my aunt’s place, she tempted me to have it black again. I was, in fact, tempted so I have I agreed to color it black again. The negative side with my decision was allowing my aunt to do my hair. The aftermath was a combination of my newly colored hair (black) and my old hair (brown). So instead of uniting the my hairs shade, I now have multicolored hairs. How nice :(

The moral: be contented with what the Lord has given you. I just hope that they will be normal again. :P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visited My Mom

One of the things that I miss whenever I decided to stay in the city during weekends is the opportunity to visit my mom. I miss her more than anyone else. And just as I think that I have moved on, there will always be a part of me longing for her.

I can always attest to the emptiness of losing the one you love. It’s hard not knowing you will never see them once more. But then again, there are those things that you must suppress in order to stay sane. To do this, I must stop thinking of the ‘what ifs’ this and that. But there will always be this time where I can’t ignore the call to think her. Oh well…

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trying to kill the boredom while at our place, I usually play games in my laptop such as farm mania, plants vs. zombies and shop and spree. It gets tiring at times. But this is the only way I can be on my own. So one day, I shut myself off in my room, turned may laptop on, and whala!, I was playing the repetitive goal of the farm mania.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dating Paranoia

As part of growing up, teens are getting more attention from the opposite sex—which creates attraction. And although we didn’t have the partner of our dreams in the past months or even years, I’m quite sure each and every one of us had a dose of some dating experience. Mine was this way…

I'm Finally Home

The main reason why I decided to go home is that my father wouldn’t allow me to stay in the city. So now, I’m stuck in this lonesome house. Not to mention that I am the temporary house helper—which I already did. Urghhhh!

It’s been months since I decided to spend the night in my room. I remember being in this house but I slept in my father’s room. Not that I like to but my room is such a mess that it will take time to clean it all up. But I sure do miss my room.


I was never a fan of kids. In fact, I hate them, but not always. It might be weird to say those things the very fact that I was a kid a few years ago. I am weird.

My sister Marianne had a daughter—Zowie—who is almost a year old now. Since she had a baby before finishing college, she plans to have a diploma through a 2-year vocational course every Saturdays and Sundays. I think it’s one of preparing herself in raising up her kid since she is depending their food to my Aunt Tessie.

Officially Am

God knows how I truly wanted to participate in the coming national election. As a first time voter, I am anticipating the day of my registration. But with all the delays I experienced in coming back to our little town, I had to wait for that day. Weeks become months and I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. But with God’s grace, I was able to register myself validly.

The paper that certifies me as a registered voter :D


Red Cross Leadership Training-Part II of Day II

All of us were exhausted. But the call of duty came earlier than expected and so we decided to go to the Red Cross Chapter building to pack some goods and clothes for the people affected by the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. So with Eaque, Edle, Morny, Weng, Moises, Al, Vanyssa, Josh, Normina, Rhee, and Cindy, we decided to have a snack before going to the Red Cross building.

We ate at the place called City Triangle. The name is derived from the shape of the building itself. Although I never intended to eat at that place because of its rumored pet insects, I have no choice since it’s near our school and the Red Cross office. Vanyssa and I happen to see Neil so we teased him about dating the guy he was with. He just shrugged us off and we stalked to munch our noodles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Theme and Blog Address

Some of you might get daze by the new transformation of my blog. For those who just came in here, I used to manage 2 blogs. I was planning to have my other blog as some political critique in the Philippine context. But as time goes by, I guess I just mixed these blogs and had my posting, political or not, be on each blog. What happened next was total mess.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Red Cross Leadership Training (Day II)

The second day of the Leadership Development Program finally came. I put on my t-shirt and pants thinking we will be doing some tedious tasks. So to avoid staining my new garments, I decided to wear my old clothes.

It was around 8:30 when I arrived and the instructor wasn’t there yet—which gave time to those who came in late, including me. Morny got worried and decided to go to the chapter to ask someone to do the speaking.
Finally, as an activity, Mr. Clifford Diaz divided the group into 3 and asked us to make a recipe (with the ingredients and procedures) instructions on a manila paper of the famous Filipino dish—Adobo.

The hard thing there was that we don’t know how to cook it. We have eaten it at some point in our existence but we just don’t know how to cook it! We’re chefs at frying stuffs. :P My group mates were Josh, Cindy, Chris, Gie and Weng (a new face).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Red Cross Leadership Training

I started my hibernation in the internet world when I decided to go home—as explained in my previous post. But I thought, I can still write things up even though I’m in a vacation—although posting it will get a little delayed. The sequence of posts will be the things that have happened to me while I’m away and the recent stuffs this November. But I doubt if around 10 people read my blogs. So please bear with me.:p

As though all things were set up for the last semester, I decided to join the Red Cross Leadership Training Program at our school (Oct 19-20, 2009). Morny invited me to join and I said yes. I am somehow hesitant since Techno documents with Rj, Yang2, and Vj were not yet done. So I decided to move my journey back home 5 days later to give way in finishing up with my school stuffs.

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