Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red Cross Leadership Training-Part II of Day II

All of us were exhausted. But the call of duty came earlier than expected and so we decided to go to the Red Cross Chapter building to pack some goods and clothes for the people affected by the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. So with Eaque, Edle, Morny, Weng, Moises, Al, Vanyssa, Josh, Normina, Rhee, and Cindy, we decided to have a snack before going to the Red Cross building.

We ate at the place called City Triangle. The name is derived from the shape of the building itself. Although I never intended to eat at that place because of its rumored pet insects, I have no choice since it’s near our school and the Red Cross office. Vanyssa and I happen to see Neil so we teased him about dating the guy he was with. He just shrugged us off and we stalked to munch our noodles.

With the other Red Crossers, we started to pack the donated clothes. It was like the activity we had at the “ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya” at Shrine Hills Matina Davao City. I assigned myself in sorting women’s clothes for the upper extremities. All the t-shirts, blouses, and other women’s clothing from this category were being thrown to my lap. Eaque was assigned to the small children’s clothes (girls), Edle and Al for all the men’s shirts; Moises and Van for the women’s skirts; Cindy and Weng for the men’s pants and shorts; Rhee was trying to sort the clothes out and Normina and Josh were very diligent in folding all the clothes for us. Morny and the other officers were also there to pack some dry goods.

We left after two hours (I guess). It was starting to rain and Edle just grabbed my umbrella. So I decided to let him have it and walked under the drizzle. I just hate the way he wanted someone else’s attention. And I don’t find it cute. >:P

It was fun and very fulfilling at the same time. I hope to donate some old clothes from my mom. God bless Philippines:D

(After that day, I really thought I won’t be able to use my shoulders! My whole body was stinging to death!)

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