Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trying to kill the boredom while at our place, I usually play games in my laptop such as farm mania, plants vs. zombies and shop and spree. It gets tiring at times. But this is the only way I can be on my own. So one day, I shut myself off in my room, turned may laptop on, and whala!, I was playing the repetitive goal of the farm mania.

It was raining cats and dogs at 5 in the afternoon. At this time, the sun sometimes sets even though I can still feel its heat. I was so intent in playing that I never noticed how the lights had gone out. And in a small town like ours, it is a common scenario of the electricity just popping in and out—one of the many reasons why I hate this place.

I went out in my room and check the whole house, such darkness indeed. I hate the way the people behind this business just don’t know what quality means. For 20 years, nothing changed with the way they do their business. And it sucks.

When I was a kid, there was a rumor that DANECO (the men behind the gloomy nights here) was full of debts and someone from the city wanted to buy the entire company. I saw them trying to ask for money from the local people, begging not to let the other party buy them off. How could they have such confidence when they can’t even perform their service nicely? And the worst part is when they try to run the current of electricity and then turn it off within seconds for 5 consecutive times! I just hate them.

And at this very moment, I am experiencing a total murky night…

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  1. Keep praying, maybe they'll get better at delivering power.


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