Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dating Paranoia

As part of growing up, teens are getting more attention from the opposite sex—which creates attraction. And although we didn’t have the partner of our dreams in the past months or even years, I’m quite sure each and every one of us had a dose of some dating experience. Mine was this way…

Being shy is one of the things you might notice the moment you set your eyes on me. But that is just applicable to strangers and those people that I am not that familiar with. I’m the usual loud-quite person. And the more I get comfortable with your presence, the more thick faced I become. And then I shot the constant lines of me wanting your treat. Sometimes I do it with a half serious tone, but most of the time, they are just empty jokes. Of course, there are those people who fell into those jokes—lucky me.

I know that sometimes I annoy them with those crazy things I do. But I never stop, maybe because those lines make us closer together. And as far as I remember, the thickness of my face (sometimes) brought me into their lives closer.

One of the people who used to treat me was Mr. Big. He was my classmate when I was in first year college. He treats me and I rarely treat him. He likes hugging people and has this tendency of being sweet while chatting or texting and telling people that he misses them. He was all that to me. But I never see it as something special ‘cause he always do that to all the girls that we know. But it all change in just a night.

On one of those balmy nights last year, Mr. Big asked me for a date. I immediately said yes thinking that another treat was on my way. And we are somehow good friends so I didn’t think twice that time. Poor me, I didn’t know a gruesome date was all on his mind.

The plan was to go to the nearest mall and watch a movie. So since it was his entire treat, he bought the movie passes and the food and even the fare. The moment that the movie started, he aggressively pull me closer to him, putting his hands on my shoulder. I resisted naturally. But I get guilty then thinking he’s just a friend and I, on the other hand, was thinking he’s being a pervert. So I let him but I moved a little bit so as not to feel his body. But at the back of my mind was: that-is-so-not-okay.

Since I promise to meet up with my friend Von after that horrific time, I invited him over thinking it was okay since he is also a friend of Von. As we were walking near our school, he dropped the bomb. He said he likes me and I felt awful for letting him touch me; too conservative eh? I am. But I didn’t like the way he duped me in a romantic date! That is not part of my vocabulary.

Yes I admit that I enjoy the times when people are being nice to me and wanted to indulge me into lots and lots of food. But that will never happen to a guy who likes me or has something in his mind that represents unfriendliness.

“Never accept gifts to all the guys who wanted to go on a date with you.” That is my motto and I can’t believe he tricked me by acting as a friend. Since then, I never went out with guys like him. And I hate him for doing that to me.

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