Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enrollment with a bang of surprise!

Before the first semester end, there came a lot of book from different authors in a certain bookstore. Kim, Yang and I went there and started browsing some new stuff. I found some interesting readings but well, I don’t have the resources to buy it so I just contented myself in looking them.

I’m a book lover, I really am. But I’m not the usual geek where you will always sew my nose under a book. I read books during my free time. I wanted to read everything coz I know that I need that habit for me to keep updated and for me to learn new things. (I know, I know, I’m a part-time geek :P)

When we were browsing some new books in the bookstore, I came across The Time Traveler’s Wife some Josh Grisham, Sophie Kinsela, and some local writers’ reprinted books. I was gulping as I tried to digest all of them in my thoughts. The Time Traveler’s Wife they say is an amazing book and my interest was somehow into that book since it is now a motion picture. So I was kidding when I said to Yang that I wanted her to buy it for me. And with a kidding tone, she said that she would buy it for me when she’ll have the money. We always have that conversation with things that we want to have but we never really took it seriously.

Two weeks of vacation ended and I excitedly went to school to get my grades and enroll myself for the second semester as well. I met my old friends and had fun telling each other different stories for the past weeks that we didn’t see each other. It was fun but at the same time frustrating because some of our teachers didn’t printed our grades yet. Krista and Tin had problems with that situation since they are scholars and their grades are badly needed for them to be able to enroll for the next semester. Luckily, they found another way to enroll.

Noon came and we decided to have lunch at the nearest KFC branch. We were just waiting for some of our friends when some of them noticed my new hair—from the shade of brown to black. Yang on the other hand was trying to make a thrilling tone as she said, “Jen, I’m not sure if you will like this…” and she was smiling as if something mischievous was about to happen. I was so curious that I instantly prodded her to just blurt it all out. Guess what she gave me... :D

It was The Time Traveler’s Wife book that I lusted for a few weeks! I didn’t know what to say because I can’t imagine that she really took our conversation in the bookstore seriously! I was so overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness that I hugged her for around 8 times I guess (she hated when people do that to her). I said an endless thanks to her. I can’t believe my great fortune that I constantly asked her if it was really for me. She was the third person who gave me a book as gift. The first one who gave me that kind of gift was my mom—the Harry Potter series and the second one was my Aunt—Twilight book. My other books were bought by myself.

What a gift! All eyes here!:D

I know it’s somehow expensive to her considering that she doesn't have that much enthusiasm with books. But she still bought me one and I appreciate her for that.

With big arms to hug you: Thanks for the generosity Yang! I love you! Thanks for the gift of friendship that you imparted on me. I hope to share an apartment with you when we work. :D

Additional information:
I want to greet Diana Marie Lee a very happy happy birthday! Thanks for the treat. Hope you enjoyed this day. And to Kring, Kim and Kai, thanks for the group date we had this afternoon. And I met a new friend of Yang—Nesty, nice meeting you:D

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