Friday, November 27, 2009

I Shout Justice!

“I’m still breathing, thank God!”

After typhoons and calamities that hit the Philippines, mass murder came next. For years, the people living in the area affected by some families at war are all terrified. A group of military or people with armed rifles are not new to them.

Yesterday afternoon, Kim (with Yang2 and Kai2) went to my apartment and fetched me. Since our first class for the day will be at 4:10pm, we have all the entire morning and early afternoon to ourselves. As we were travelling, Yang2 bombarded us with the details of what she witnessed the other night—the massacred people in Maguindanao.

I am usually at my highest energy if all there is to talk about is the happenings in the country. But I was silent most of the time, and would sometimes but in just to ask some questions. Maybe because I was sleeping when they fetched me and I had a hard time tidying my school uniform, was it my hair bursting from all direction, or was it because I know all of them? No. I was thinking. I was thinking of what’s really happening in our country. I was reflecting, deep in my thoughts, of how cruel people can be. And I am grieving, grieving to the people who were just passing by and were accidentally killed out of witnessing the whole event.

Certain events could weaken the Filipinos. One could be our personal problems, two could be a death in the family (as what happened to Kuya RJ’s sister—may her soul rest in peace), and this.

The whole Davao City, a few hours’ ride to where the killings happened, and the people living here, are also in fear. I received an SMS from Kring saying that there will be 10 vans coming to kill the relatives of the family involved (the suspect). An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It was an alarming thought. And as I turn my attention to my surroundings, there are armies bringing long fire arms. Even the school guards have these toys.

But for the people in Maguindanao and other places in Mindanao, these are just the usual day for them, death after death happens. Can I tolerate this kind of injustice? No, I will not, ever. But for the government to ignore such inhuman act, to tolerate such barbaric dealings, and to ally with the terrorists and people killers, the people in the area—directly and indirectly affected by these heinous events—will feel fear in return.

May God bless this country.

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  1. hello dear thank you very much for dropping by,believe me now my dear country is also having worse problems now days we can just pray for better god bless you take care


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