Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Finally Home

The main reason why I decided to go home is that my father wouldn’t allow me to stay in the city. So now, I’m stuck in this lonesome house. Not to mention that I am the temporary house helper—which I already did. Urghhhh!

It’s been months since I decided to spend the night in my room. I remember being in this house but I slept in my father’s room. Not that I like to but my room is such a mess that it will take time to clean it all up. But I sure do miss my room.

As soon I arrived in the front door, I realized that the place was locked. So I texted my father (I prefer texting him because it would be too personal to call him) and asked where’s everybody gone. So he said that he’s at work and Marlou (youngest brother) was having the time of his life playing an online game in the nearby café. Then he sent me the key through my cousin Tata. Finally!

I put my things in my father’s room and changed my clothes. I watched some shows and decided to eat some chips. And the moment I lay my head on the bed, I instantly fell asleep at around 5pm. I woke up at around 7 in the evening and ate some food.

Just when the clock ticks at exactly 11pm, Jorenn (my other brother) asked me where I will spend the night. I instantly said, “In my room.” And the cleaning of my bed started at that very instant. It wasn’t that messy as I predicted. Just a little push pin scattered in the bed and the need for new beddings were all I need.

Soon as I finished making my bed to look like one, I saw old stuffs: the first pillow gift that I received when I was in high school, my xylophone that I used to play when I was a part of the Drum and Bugle Corp, the box of my mobile phone, the stickers that I put on my drawers, the playing cards—all part of who I am today. Those are the things that accompanied me when I was crying because of some stupid fight at school and even the things that made me smile the moment I received them. Memories…

I think I just bore you. Sorry, can’t miss the chance of showing you some stuff in my room....

The first pillow gift I received

The xylophone I used way back in highschool...

And the guitar that rots in my room :P

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