Thursday, November 19, 2009

My not-so-friendly neighbor

The day that I have decided to change my nest, the place of my shelter that is, was the day that I thought things would be a little…different. I was very excited to be in an apartment for the reason that I was in an all girls dormitory before. This means that I do have a curfew and I need to rush home whenever there’s a school activity in order to be in my bed before the clock ticks at exactly 10pm.

Now that I am experiencing the bliss of living in an apartment, I can say that I have become independent in its truest sense. But together with the pleasure of finally living in a world without restrictions, there come new responsibilities and new…uh, foes?

I was TOTALLY convinced that I can live a happy life during my stay here. But as we always say, expect the unexpected…

One morning, I was in a deep sleep—in the REM stage to be exact—having my not so usual dream. (I believe that every dream is unique considering that we can never have the same dream we had the night before it.) I was in the climax of my dream when suddenly, a loud voice interrupted my peaceful sleep. What I hear next was the most hateful words a man could say to a woman.

The man (living on the other unit) in a very disgusting voice swears to Aunt Mary (the caretaker), shouting and cursing at the same time. As I understand it, the resident in other unit wasn’t paying for the past months but surprisingly, was able to buy a brand new Fortuner. Nice huh?

What irked me the most was the thought of him shouting to a woman when all that she did was to collect the bill he should’ve paid months ago! I salute Aunt Mary for staying calm while explaining her side. The only mistake she did was collecting the rent bill at an early hour. However, would that suffice the reason behind that person who shouted and cursed my dear Aunt Mary? I don’t think so.

But that unfortunate shouting and cursing didn’t stop there. Whenever he gets the chance to express what he feels, whether on a mobile phone or with his wife, he would shout at the top of his lungs. Considering that he lives in a place where every conversation could be heard if you go a little loud, I don’t think it is ethical to shout and create an annoyance every time he feels like it.

I have never seen his face, just his voice. And I don’t think I would be glad to see him anyway.


  1. Hi. Maybe you'll love
    Check it out. :))

  2. Some day you will see him and it will be interesting to see if he looks like the monster he sounds like, of if he just looks like a regular guy.

  3. thanks for sharing dear ,take care god bless you


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